Bonfire V: Global Warming

Bonfire Photos taken 25-Feb-2006
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Inside, Matthew is attacking his sister's friend.
And, apparently Matthew is winning.
Tamara and Ellen go to add more sticks.
Mike, Ellen, and Tracey join in.
Fuel is brought to control the fire.
It's a long hike.
Mike, Ellen, and Tracey prep the area.
Ellen, John, Mike, and Charles give the clear sign.
John directs the burn to the center of the pile, Charles monitors safety duty.
Mike and Charles watch as John prepares for ignition, Alan comes to help.
John directs where flames should go, Alan clears the area, and Lindsey must be wondering why it hasn't started yet.
Final all clear signals are given.
Tracey grabs her camera.
John and Alan start the igniter to throw into the fire from a distance.
John steps back as there's confirmation of flame.
And the activator is thrown in.
Suddenly flames burst forth with happy applause.
John notices wind patterns are pushing the flames to one side of the pile only.
The crowd watches, but the wind is leaving half the pile unburned.
The bonfire burns hot on one side and cold to the touch on the other.

Walt Stoneburner and Alex Griffin