Bonfire V: Global Warming

Bonfire Photos taken 25-Feb-2006
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Loralie and Alan warm themselves.
Tracey takes a photo, as Walt looks on. The fire is burning perfectly now.
Alan, decides to grab a snack. Loralie goes to get warmer. Walt goes to find his wife.
The fire gives off a nice glow.
Alan, Loralie, and Tracey enjoy the fire.
John, Alan, Walt, and Loralie throw more sicks, twigs, and logs on and the fire rages up again.
James plays with a young guest as Walt walks the fire. Alan and Loralie observe.
Walt watches the fire as the young guest "mows" the yard under John's watchful eye. Alan considers more wood.
Walt watches, and Tracey and John head off.
The pile, while hot, dies down.
Nice glowing embers will be ready for cooking marshmellows on later this evening.
Alan and Loralie look at more sticks thrown on he fire.
Alex watches the fire, as Mike and John decide we should return to the woods to get the big logs now.
The little guest finally runs out of grass to mow.
And the fire keeps up warm all night long.

Walt Stoneburner and Alex Griffin