Bonfire V: Global Warming

Bonfire Photos taken 25-Feb-2006
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Tracey and Tamara look back, Lindsey and her friend stay warm, Charles, Mike, and Marcus watch the back side of the pile.
Charles, Mike, Marcus, Alan, and Loralie warm by the fire.
Lindsey watches and Mike determines the base needs more fuel.
Alan concurs, the bottom of the pile needs to catch to correct the burn.
Meanwhile, the other side of the pile is consuming the structure.
Flames roll out the top and side.
Walt wets down the grass in front of the fire, disallowing any sparks to make it through.
Daniel looks back Walt wets the grass and Lindsey's friend explores the back side of the fire.
Walt waters, Mike, Lindsey's friend, Daniel, and Lindsey watch the odd uneven burn.
John and Mike open a vent hole, Walt waters, but the fire doesn't burn the back side.
John, Mike, and Alan determinate the best course of action is more fuel, and if that fails, restructure the pile from a distance.
Walt switches hands, the water is cold. Mike, Charles, and Alan send John off.
Charles, Mike, and Alan what to stuff the hole with.
Alan tries grabbing some flaming sticks, as Loralie is on the backside of the fire.
Charles, Alan, John, Mike, and Loralie poke at the cold end of the pile.
Tamara and Marcus watch the hot end, while Alan, Charles, Mike, John, and Loralie manage the cold end.
The fire grows, but only in that one area. Tamara and Marcus are in the back, and Alan, Charles, Mike, and John watch the other end as Lindsey approaches.
Eileen comes out. The light catches the water dropplets, and Marcus and Ellen observe the fire.
Mike stuff the dry area with paper.
John adds some slow burning fuel.

Walt Stoneburner and Alex Griffin