Bonfire V: Global Warming

Bonfire Photos taken 25-Feb-2006
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The fuel starts to catch.
John and Mike decide the pile needs restructuring.
Alan and John try a little more fuel, and the fire catches, but the uneven burn has made the pile lopsided.
The initial supports on one side of the fire are almost gone.
Not wanting the fire to be top heavy, the goal is to shift the bulk into the middle, making the pile fall in on itself.
The base supports are working as expected.
But it's obvious the hot inside of the fire did it's job too, the wind just didn't allow an even burn.
The back side has already fallen in on itself, as planned.
The right side still waits to burn. The kids play in the background, and Liz talks with them.
The fire looks great.
John pulls out a chain saw and cuts the side supports into smaller pieces that can be moved.
John gets the rest of the timber set, as James watches the flames.
Mike distributes the fires internal pile.
We're ready for the move.
The superstructure needs to burn just a little bit more. Walt and Mike look at wood density, and Tracey explains to Tamara what's going on, as Charles monitors the burn.
Tamara and Mike joke, as Charles leaps vertically into the air and perfectly lassos the support structure on the first try. Alan and John are struck in amazement.
John swings the support around the fulcrum. Watch watches the base for support.
John completes the rotation.
Eileen watches as John guides the fire over to the remaining logs.
It worked, and the fire rages evenly and the pile settles into a mound slowly.

Walt Stoneburner and Alex Griffin